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Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Akron Criminal Lawyers

A Former Ohio Prosecutor Can Make All The Difference In The World When You Or A Family Member Is Facing Criminal Charges – FREE CONSULTATION – 24 Hours A Day

What do you do when you or a family member gets arrested?

It’s okay….not many people know where to even begin.

I want to take a moment and explain your options when it comes to criminal matters in Akron.

You have a very short period of time to make what is perhaps the most important decision you have to make in this entire process.

  1. Do you rely on a public defender or court appointed attorney to handle the case?
  2. Or do you hire a private attorney?

If you rely on a Public Defender, you’re likely to get an attorney with a backlog of cases…. which means they are extremely busy. An extremely busy attorney means they are likely not focused on getting you a dismissal or acquittal.

If you rely on a private attorney, you hire an attorney of your choosing dedicated completely to your case and your situation. And… if you rely on a pro that has been both a criminal prosecutor and private criminal defense attorney, what you get is….powerful representation on your criminal matter that few Akron Defense Attorneys can offer….and the chance of a favorable outcome increases dramatically.

Obviously the stakes are even higher when the criminal charge is a felony. The state aggressively pursues felony crimes in Akron so it just makes sense to get the best defense you can.

My name is Joe Patituce. I am an Akron Criminal Lawyer. And as a former prosecutor, I can offer experience and skills that few other Akron Defense Attorneys can offer. And while my past record does not mean I will win your case, it does mean that I will bring the same dedication that I had as a prosecutor and that I now use to defend all of my clients to help you.

How important is that? Well, when you or a family member is looking at a long prison sentence, I would imagine it means an awful lot.

If you or a family member is in trouble, I want you to call me at (330) 752-6711. I want you to tell me what happened – and ask the questions you don’t yet have answers too. And when you call, I’ll likely ask you some questions as well.

And don’t worry….our conversation is free and there is no obligation.

So whether the arrest was for a misdemeanor or felony, I want you to call me at (330) 752-6711….and find out what a professional Criminal Defense Lawyer in Akron can do for you.

Criminal Matters I Can Help With


  • Kidnapping
  • Burglary
  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Insurance Fraud