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Akron Drug Defense Lawyer – Defending Drug Charges

I often receive calls from clients, or their families, frantically explaining what has happened – their child has been arrested, or the police just kicked in a door and ransacked a house.  I, and all of the attorneys that work for me are former prosecutors.  We understand the nature and business of the drug trade – we understand that sometimes good people get caught up in it, and other times people selling get caught too. Our Akron Criminal Lawyers are dedicated to protecting our clients from drug charges.

These cases are not impossible to defend, and in fact many times there are legitimate defenses to these cases.  Often times the police and government are relying upon the word of a confidential information, better known to society as a snitch.  A snitch is someone who got caught selling drugs and is now trying to work their way out of trouble – meaning they will do anything, to anyone, to win the favor of the government.  These people are often very unreliable and target people whom they do not like, or whom might otherwise be completely innocent.

There are many more ways in which we defend these cases from the very beginning all the way through to the end.  We use our experience as former prosecutors to make sure our clients get the best possible defense that they can afford.

Call us at (330) 752-6711 to speak to one of my attorneys, an Akron Criminal Lawyer, regarding your drug case.  Ask to speak to me, Joe Patituce, regarding your case and we will do everything we can to help you.

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