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Should you hire an Akron Criminal Lawyer?

Often potential clients ask me if it is worth hiring a private criminal lawyer, or just going with the public defender.  It is true that there are public defenders that are the absolute best in the field.  Personally, there are a couple public defenders that I would beg to have defend me if I were charged with a crime.  However, you cannot pick your public defender – you cannot vet them to make sure they are the type of attorney you want to defend you. The benefits to hiring an experienced criminal lawyer in Akron are overwhelming.

The choice of what attorney to hire is one of the most important choices you can make and if you pick the right attorney it will be the best money you can spend given your current situation.  There are many attorneys out there practicing criminal defense, but there are not many attorneys out there that have our experience.  It is important to find an attorney that tells you the truth, and cold hard facts, regarding your case.  Avoid attorneys that try to scare you or promise you the world.  We promise you one thing: we will fight for you as hard as we would fight for our families.  We are all former prosecutors, we have a solid reputation, and we stand by it.

Call us at (330) 752-6711 for a pressure free, dignified, no obligation consultation. My name is Joe Patituce – an Akron Criminal Lawyer.  I promise that my team of attorneys, paralegals, and myself will do all we can to help you if I agree to take your case.  The call is free.

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