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How do I post bail/bond for a family member in Summit, Stark, Wayne and surrounding counties.

The process of posting a bond can be an incredibly difficult proposition.  I find that it is one of the most important questions, and concerns, that my clients and their families have when approaching a criminal case.  No one wants to spend time in jail, or incarcerated in prison, let alone while waiting for a trial.  The purpose of bail is to make sure that you show up for all of your court hearings – prosecutors sometimes use bail as an attempt to put pressure on defendants.  It makes the case far more difficult if the attorney and client does not have ready, easy, access to discuss the case.  An attorney can help you post bond quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

There are several different types of bonds: cash, property, surety, 10%, and personal.  The most sought after bonds are the personal bonds – bonds where you do not need to put up any property or money in order to leave jail.  These bonds are harder to get the more serious the case.  It is almost virtually impossible to obtain such a bond on a murder, rape, or high level offense such as a felonious assault of a police officer. My attorneys and I work hard to make sure you get a reasonable bond.

If you have been charged call us at (330) 752-6711. The call is confidential, free, and without obligation.  Ask to speak to me, Joe Patituce an Akron Criminal Lawyer.

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