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Akron Drug Possession & Trafficking Defense Lawyers

If you or a family member has been arrested for possession or trafficking, it just makes sense to get a Defense Attorney who is familiar with the charges of drug possession and drug trafficking. We invite you to call us if you need help. As ex-prosecutors, we know what the state is likely to do and we’ve had a significant amount of success in the courtroom.

All it takes is a call to (330) 752-6711 to let us know what happened. As Akron Drug Defense Attorneys, we are very capable of defending clients who have been charged with:

  • Possession or Trafficking of Cocaine or Crack Cocaine
  • Possession or Trafficking of Heroin
  • Possession or Trafficking of LSD
  • Possession or Trafficking of Marijuana
  • Possession or Trafficking of Prescription Pills

These charges are very serious, and as Drug Defense Attorneys we understand that and we make ourselves available 24/7. We will be there to protect you from any allegations made against you by the police.

In Ohio there is a mandatory drivers’ license suspension for any crime involving drugs. The possession of certain drugs carry a mandatory prison term if you have a specified amount in your possession. When speaking to a Drug Defense Attorney, be sure you ask the attorney about how he would approach and defend you against a drug charge.

Our Akron Drug Possession and Trafficking Defense Lawyers will make the prosecutors and police prove their case by challenging any evidence they present. We will file motions to dismiss and suppress evidence.

For a FREE consultation with a highly experienced Akron Criminal Lawyer, please call (330) 752-6711.