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Practice Areas

The Akron Criminal Lawyers with Patituce & Associates, LLC, understand the serious nature of the charges faced by our clients. And because of that, we have gained a reputation as hard working, aggressive, and diligent attorneys.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is an important decision and one that should not be made quickly. You should do your research and meet with an attorney prior to retaining a criminal defense attorney in Akron.

Criminal defense attorneys have different skill sets, different experiences, and different training. At Patituce & Associates we are former prosecutors, or have significant criminal defense experience before joining this Firm.

Your should discuss with your criminal defense attorney what their approach to handling your case will be. No reputable attorney will tell you what results they will obtain for you.

However, they should be able to tell you what you are facing and clearly explain how they will protect you.

Just below you will see the crimes we have significant experience with and handle regularly. If you do not see the crime you or a family member has been charged with, it does not mean we cannot help. Again, the areas highlighted below are just the defense areas we work in quite a bit. If you need help, give us a call at (330) 752-6711 and tell us what happened – the call is free.

  • Felonious Assault
  • Kidnapping
  • Burglary
  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Insurance Fraud